"One moment... you look familiar." ", "I used to be an adventurer like you...then I took an arrow in the knee.". ", "That's good armor you've got there, friend. They come from, "Maybe you've seen masts sticking out of the water to the northeast? 4 years ago. Like the. May his soul live forever in the halls of Sovngarde. Your deed honors the people of Whiterun. ", "I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took an arrow in the knee", "Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll". But is there any way to prevent this from happening? Well done. Don't suppose you'd know anything about that? That would be the, "South of here, and west of the road, lies. By Ysmir, 'tis a wondrous sight. ", "They say if a vampire so much as scratches you, you'll turn into one. ", "Whatever you need, Dragonborn. Such a thing has not happened for... hundreds of years. Nord steel not good enough for you? (Persuade). "Stop right there criminal scum" is a catchphrase derived from the town guards response to witnessing the player committing a crime in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Quote: A guard said "if it isn't the slayer of the glenmoril witches. - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: One of the coolest voices in Oblivion was undoubtedly the Imperial's voice, In my opinion. "No.. get that accursed mace away from me...", "That mace... get it away from me. "Stop right there... where have I seen you before? HOME; ARCHIVE; ASK; THEME; PREVIOUS PAGE; NEXT PAGE; Just to let you guys know, Skyrim is up for … Killing those foul witches. Right? ", "You should talk to the Jarl up in Dragonsreach, lend any aid you can.". It's.. beautiful. What are you hiding? Questions: 1. ", "You wear that Stormcloak armor well, friend. Man's been hitting the skooma, I say. ", "Head on in. ", "You have vanquished a great evil from Skyrim. A peace council, attended by both Ulfric and Tullius, up on High Hrothgar. And if I see you do it again, that someone will be you. ", "I know of your deeds, and am honored to address a member of the Companions. dude, thats nordic slang, it means he got married. If they hadn’t been looking for you I’d have stolen that horse and been halfway to Hammerfell. I want every quote and not the reason why they say it. There was nothing we could do...", "There are stories about you, and dark tidings in, "Been lots of people coming and going through that creepy black door. Not only is it the perfect beginning to a story that we get to define ourselves, it's also a moment defined by Ralof's wise words about preparing for the inevitable: death. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You weren't involved in that craziness, were you? Here's how the Legion deals with rebel scum like you. There's a dragon roosting up on, "Tell me you've seen them. Not a chance we would have let that happen here. "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. "I fear the night. ", "Be glad you're here in the city, and not out in, "I worry about the other settlements in the hold. Dull old blade can barely cut butter. SKYRIM QUOTES We are open for submissions and suggestions! ", "Seems like capturing Riften is turning out to be more of a hassle than a benefit. Now it lies, "You have the Jarl's confidence, friend. Discover and share Quotes About Skyrim. Now that's a solid choice of armor. Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. And can you believe it - both Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius have agreed to go. If there's such a thing for that lot. ", "I hear the East Empire Company has reopened, thanks in no small part to you. "By order of the Jarl, stop right there!" ", "Fancy yourself an alchemist, hmm? Your breath is foul. So naturally, a gurad came up to me and said "I have to ask you to stop that... shouting. ", "It ain't true what they say about you and... and the Dark Brotherhood? ", "Your shield... Dwarf-make, is it not? In Dragonsreach. How could mere men bring down such a beast? What you are is a damn Imperial spy! Lokir: Damn you Stormcloaks... Skyrim was fine until you came along! Someone might get the wrong idea.". What say you in your defense? Now they're nothing but braggarts and bullies, rotting to death down in their Ratway...", "If you're looking to settle in Riften, there's a house for sale -, "Smart thing you did, buying Honeyside. But can you use it? Claimed it was one of those Psijic monks. And by Ysmir, it actually worked. And one of the most unforgettable lines.. " Stop right there criminal scum!! " ", Morthal Guards when asked about the burned house, "It's bad luck to talk about that place. ", "What do you aim to do with that hammer, friend? Mostly...", "Hey! ", "You ask me? I can respect that. ", "Have you heard? What is going on and how can I stop the guards being hostile? ", "Where're these vampires coming from? ", "You did this city a great service by catching that killer. How could this happen, within the walls of Whiterun? That's, "Careful if you cross the river to the east. Now we've got mercenaries from Hammerfell struttin' about...", "You see those warriors from Hammerfell? After repeatedly talking to a guard for a while, eventually they will get caught in a loop where they will only say. And so you have mine. ", "You've come to Dawnstar at a strange time, friend. Here. Wiped off the face of Tamriel. Can't trust anyone these days. The city guard will take care of it. Those damn mages blew up Winterhold! ", "Careful. "That hammer... Why that's Aegisbane, heirloom of Clan Shatter-Shield! It's a place for Nord dead, not your weird experiments. ", "Lightly armored means light on your feet. In his own hall? ", "Go fiddling with any locks around here, we're going to have a real problem. Someone could get hurt. User account menu. A playlist featuring Equilibrium, Heidevolk, Powerwolf, and others Right here in Solitude. I couldn't open a door in there without a key, so I figured that maybe a guard had it. Almost bought it myself. "By the Gods! ", "You're the one that saved the Fire Festival. ", "Takes a fair bit of strength to carry a greatsword like that. By the gods, if the Dark Brotherhood can do that, nobody's safe...", "By the gods. Looks at Dragonborn You there, you and me, we shouldn’t be here. YOU VIOLATED THE LAW!' ", "Trapping a dragon in Dragonsreach. How long can such a thing last? ", "You're the one all the guards are talking about. ", "So you can cast a few spells? ", "I have to wonder... what does the Dragonborn do once he's summoned by the, "If those Whiterun guards can take down a dragon, so can we. Nice place, and why pay for an inn? ", "Is that right? ", "We just received word that somebody tried to kill the Emperor! This means that at level 50+, the Hold Guards are rather powerful, and have no problem fighting even a dragon. Best visit the blacksmith. Posted by. ANY IMAGES WE USE FOR QUOTES, ARE NOT OUR OWN. ", "Is it true what they say? ", "You've got a lot of nerve, walking around here dressed like an Imperial Legionnaire. Match it, if you are Dovahkiin!" ", "See, there you go. (Only available after you joined the Thieves Guild), Due to various reasons, some of the dialogue above will not be spoken by the guards without use of the. Credit to owners and Bethesda! ", "They say Ulfric Stormcloak murdered the High King... with his voice! All of Skyrim benefits from their trade. ", "Favor the bow, eh? Of course there are drawbacks, like the requirement of a variably wider swing arc, the abscence of a second edge and the loss of stabbing capability, but in terms of cutting effectiveness the curved blade is better. ", "What manner of staff is that? Bandits been seen around, "By the gods, a dragon's been sighted just south of the city, flying around, "If you must venture southwest, stay clear of. #skyrim #oblivion #elder scrolls #stop you violated the law #stop right there criminal scum I was making a YTP and decided to make a soundboard for the most well-known Oblivion guard lines. Just the quote. That's a bitter wind coming off the, "There's a small skeever den just east of the city, at, "Beware the region northeast, across the river. Maybe there's hope for Skyrim yet. All of a sudden one of my arrows lands in the neck of a Guard. I had nothing to do with this. By long tradition, the elder speaks first. The brats in the orphanage are better off, now that Grelod is dead. PC. ", "Why the Elven blade, hmm? Been too long since we've had a good bandit raid. Unfortunately, my finger slipped and I stole something RIGHT in front of the store keeper, and he wasn't pleased and called for a guard. ", "Could sure use a warm bed right about now...", "I'd be a lot warmer and a lot happier with a bellyful of mead...", "I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. But that's not entirely true... is it? Lots of travelers just.. disappear, "Off the coast a ways to the east, you'll find the, "The circle of stones to the southwest? ", "'Tis a wicked axe you wield there, friend. If the bandits don't get you, the animals will. You have done Markarth a tremendous service. #skyrim #oblivion #elder scrolls #stop you violated the law #stop right there criminal scum . ", "The Thieves Guild used to run this city. ", "You wear the garb of a true Nord. ", "I don't abide fancy clothes, but you look like you might. ", "With respect, Companion, I ask that you muzzle that dog of yours. Well, perhaps a night in jail might loosen your tongue. ", "You wear the armor of a brigand. ", "The gods gave you two hands, and you use them both for your weapon. Your stolen goods are now forfeit." ", "Fine armor you've got there. It brings a lot of nostalgia to me when thinking of the Imperial's voices from Oblivion. I know you're in the Thieves Guild... and so do the other guards. "The Eye of Talos was a fine ship, once. You should try steel. Only Falkreath Guards have this dialogue. ", "One of the guards said he saw a mage appear out of thin air. ", "Look, that Vici woman had a bodyguard. And such power? Approached by the player with fists raised. You're the one who killed Alain Dufont, up in, "I heard you were at the wedding of the Emperor's, "The Emperor's cousin, killed. All thanks to you. ", "Dangerous post, Dawnstar. ", "We'll protect Erikur as best we're able, but I fear the throne of Solitude is cursed. ", "I caught a glimpse of that captured dragon. Seems everyone in this town is having nightmares...", "The people here are still plagued with nightmares. ", "Some advice, friend. Ain't no matter to me what I kill. Not very good at your job, are you? Never mind. I am in Dragonsreach right now. how can i assist you companion" next comment is "your the new member of the companions so what? The howling coming from, "Heard about what you did. Am I supposed to be impressed? How can I assist you? And I thought it was just a name. The Voice of the Dragonborn! You look like you could use both. Something to be said for going light. Keep your nose clean, and you won't have any problems with us. "The Gildergreen blooms again. Whiterun guards before and after Battle for Whiterun (Sided with the Legion). If only all visitors to Whiterun were as noble. Coming out of your ears? "Online, people use the phrases to express issues with another's conduct. ", "Don't like those eyes you got. It just would not land (I didn't have Dragonrend shout yet) and since I suck with bows, I used destruction spells to kill it. It's making people nervous" In my head i think "A dragon flying overhead would make people even more nervous", And yet you are trying to get to land in the city lol. ", "Markarth's a different place, now. ", "There's been talk amongst the guards. 1,053 2 2 gold badges 9 9 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. But who's going to stop him? ", "I know who you are, assassin. Damn college... Winterhold will never be the same. ", "Just a few more hours and I can crawl under some furs...", "Jarl's been looking for someone who ain't superstitious though. ", Caught dropping a weapon: ", "I grew up hearing songs about Eyldi the Bear! ", "Word is spreading like magefire! You been grave robbing? "Stormcloaks, Imperials, dragons. ", "You should unload some of that unwanted gear. ", "I was this close to catching that killer. Don't ask too many questions in Markarth. Can't say I envy you that job. You're the one who wiped out the Dark Brotherhood! Walked right into that Imperial ambush same as us and that thief over there. Can you brew me an ale? There was a solitude guard one blaming vittoria vicis murder on her body guard and not the city guard. ", "You wear the armor of a mercenary. You killed a dragon. That armor won't offer much protection in a real fight. ", "Let me guess - you need a drink. Now that's the life. I'll have no part of that. Magic *exists* Guards in skyrim I'm gonna stop you right there – popular memes on the site ifunny.co Now pay your fine or it's off to jail. Howling. ", "It was you convinced the Jarl to trap that dragon in the keep. An old mod I once had, a fun little thing to do.If you want to tip bitcoins: 13hhiky3JUUh2biQseen4sQDxboseNEfcu ", "Favor a steel sword, do ya? This took several days (stupid laziness ),but I did something nice at the end (maybe ). Get yourself to, "Hjerim is a fine house, and it's up for sale. Is it? ", "Iron sword, huh? ", "That sapling you recovered means the Gildergreen will live again. In addition, t… ", "The city's changed, friend. Be lookin' for a fool if you ask me. you must admit.... it is kinda dumb on the red guards part they would have to swing further because it is curved. In its own way. But I was... sick that day. Unwalled, lightly manned - prime targets for those damned dragons. I take out my weapon then sheathe it, but the guards keep attacking me. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. Anyway each drawing was made quite quickly, so... Skyrim Meme. In Solitude, at her own damn wedding. Just look at this place. ", "Looks like it's really happening. ", "I'm telling you, I heard it. Player casts a spell in the guard's presence. Jakub Jakub. ", "Best offense is a good defense, am I right? You have my sympathies, Companion. I'm the Jarl's Thane. Feel it in your bones. Shouted him apart! i like the last one... especially when wearing full deadric armour... not that iv heard it myself seen as iv never joined the compan-dorks... i hate bethesda for what they did with them. Small and evil, like something out of a nightmare. Of the Companions. This page documents the dialogue for guards in Skyrim. ", "A truce? The guards will not let me talk to them and gang up on me (about 10 at a time). ", "You! I know it's terrible she got murdered at her own wedding, but the city guard is hardly to blame...", "You didn't hear this from me, but we've uncovered a plot to kill the Emperor! even then, its never your own forge (unless mods) or stuff and if you dont, who will stop alduin, or the dragons still against you after his defeat? "Hmm. Vampires brazenly attacking people on the street. ", "Break the law in Markarth, and it's off to, "First time in Markarth, traveler? Stop right there criminal scum. Guards and Soldiers "Stop right there, criminal scum! Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Never have I seen its like. ", "They say Helgen got hit by a dragon. Old, "Yesterday, I saw a dragon fly right over the city. I feel nothing but shame...", "The cousin of the Emperor was murdered! With your help of course. Oblivion Guards Skyrim Guards an Kan Stop right there criminal scum, lawfon my watch – popular memes on the site ifunny.co The Emperor has been murdered! PAY THE COURT A FINE OR SERVE YOUR SENTENCE! ", "Ah, now that's a fine shield. you fetch the mead?" ", "City's quiet enough now. ", "Helgen... destroyed by a dragon. Tell me - am I wrong? more. Forsworn have taken refuge in, "The Forsworn have been spotted to the north, near, "There's an evil to the north, friend, and its name is, "If you journey north, stay well away from, "City got attacked once by those damned bandits, come east across the lake, from, "Best not to go wandering east of the city. Dull old blade can barely cut butter. I know you. Such a horror...", "What a foul and unnatural weapon you wield. Knock down a house? ", "I hope you're finding the city in proper order, thane. Discover and share Skyrim Dragon Quotes. ", "Hey, you mix potions, right? "Don't you suppose you enchant my blade? - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: Hi, Well, in the process of killing a dragon I seemed to have pissed off the entire town of Whiterun. Best stop in at the, City under Imperial control, in Understone Keep, "Ah, Vlindrel Hall's a fine home, if you can afford it. You're safe from them here. "I've no problem with your kind, Orc. But that stronghold they've got in the southeast? So long as you've got the gold. This page was last modified on 15 June 2020, at 18:43. The market area is just inside in the gate. ", "'s under my protection. ", "You hear the news? ", "By the gods, it's true, isn't it? Let them come.". ", "What business do college mages have in a place like Saarthal anyway? As if they'd want the place anyway. Funny Skryim quote. You went into that Sanctuary... wiped out the Dark Brotherhood! That and the fact if the target is moving backwards faster/fast as you can swing you will never hit, I fast travelled to Dawnstar and an elder dragon attacked the town. What's next, Spriggans in the Bee and Barb? I know YOU can still adventure when you're married. If you know what I mean. The Emperor's been murdered. But when the sun goes down, you best be on your guard. Wish I could afford a house that nice. It's all lies. It would seem even the nobility of Oblivion favors our cause. The phrase is thus used frequently on sites like LawlForKids.com. You should talk to the steward in the keep if you're interested. ", "Shirking the law in Windhelm ain't what it use to be. ", "So is it Riften or Rifton? There are formalities that must be observed, at the first meeting of two of the dov. Never could get the hang of that. A place to find and submit memorable and funny Skyrim quotes. ", "Is your armor made of... dragon bones? This place has changed its name so many times, I can't even remember. And not mere Dwarven... is it? Seems everyone in the town is having nightmares...", "No more nightmares. ", "Need supplies? Hard to believe, isn't it? Words can't express what that means to this city. However, that makes it harder for them to be killed if one wants to loot them for their unique armor sets. CATEGORY: GAMES RIGHTS: PERSONAL. Then I took an arrow in the knee...", "Disrespect the law, and you disrespect me. By order of the jarl stop right there you have committed crimes against skyrim and her people. Even the beds are made of stone. So many dead...", "With Nurelion gone, I suppose Quintus has taken over business in the White Phial. Could you? How about I pay you some gold and you look the other way? Don't fancy those clunky two-handed weapons. ", "So you bought Vlindrel Hall, eh? It gets better. . You're under arrest for being too sexy - skyrim whiterun guard ""Stop! ", "Keep your arrows in their quiver, archer. This time. Beautiful house. I remember. The Thieves Guild is back, and they've got Riften in their grip. Those... things. ", "It's no secret the Aretino boy is doing some ritual, trying to call the Dark Brotherhood. ", "In the ancient tongue, you are Dovahkiin - Dragonborn! Iron, solid and true. “I fear the night. You can pretty much kill everyone you like in Skyrim, however there are consequences if you are caught. Impressive. Hmmm? Finally I did it! Approached by the player with weapons drawn. ", "The Greybeards have arranged a truce between the Stormcloaks and Imperials. Archived. Last I heard, it was stolen by a couple of swindlers. Thank the gods for that. I looked all over goggle and found no solution. ", "You've come to Dawnstar at a strange time, friend. A fine choice. Do business here, and you do business with the Thieves Guild. That armor stinks of death. ", "I know your kind, always sneaking about. ", "I heard about the attack on Jorrvaskr, and the killing of your honored leader. ", "Uch. You know, fella who wrote that cookbook. Not with the Thieves Guild running things...", "Maybe you haven't heard, but the Thieves Guild is back. ", "I have a lot of respect for the Restoration School. ", "First Torygg and now Elisif. Good choice for slashing or stabbing. You looking for a beating?". ", "That Stormcloak armor's getting on my nerves...", "You wear the armor of the bear, my friend. After over 50 cases brought before, and thrown out of, US courts, including the Supreme Court, hundreds of Trump supporters, claiming to be a million supporters, continued to cry and protest and chant outside the White House, like a bunch of voteflakes. Could I get some help? Must be rememberin' wrong.". The ringleader? Nothing like Falkreath where I grew up. This is the part where you fall down and bleed to death Friend, I owe you a drink. ", "Don't suppose you'd enchant my sword? ", "These vampires are becoming a real menace. Well done, Companion. Submissions are OPEN Full List Of Quotes Affiliates Ask Submit Owner's Blog. The condition is false by default, so the quest never starts, so you never get a warning. That's an honorable path you're on, friend. Best keep that in mind. That you are... Dragonborn. ", "Ugh. ", "By Ysmir, you did it. Now all the guards in skyrim won't stop attacking me and I tried reloading a save and doing it again but the same thing happened. ", "It is the power of old! "You come up to me, fists raised? ", "Wonder what kinds of things they've got the, "You've actually done it. ", "You dare strut around here, wearing that filthy Stormcloak hide? ", "Fear not. ", "Bit late to be wandering around, isn't it? (After completing house of horrors) "Stop right there criminal Scum! ", "You hear the news? Damn dragons could swoop down at any time. Hear my Thu'um! "Guard might get nervous, a man/woman approaches with his/her weapon drawn...". ", "I know Thieves Guild armor when I see it. The opening scene of Skyrim has become a highly iconic moment. ", "We couldn't have taken this city without you, sir. She wrestled a storm out of the sky! ", "Ebony armor. I nearly threw my mouse into the … ", "You... you were talking to that murderous savage. They've got, "From what I hear, you're the one that gave the Thalmor a black eye. The mod adds another condition to the quest that manages the shout warning, WICastMagic03 ("Shout - Guard says stop"). ". Because the werewolves and … ", "This is Markarth, traveler. One of the Emperor's, "Seems the Emperor's coming to Skyrim... and one of his protectors was going to have him assassinated. Have I made myself clear? ", "Wait, I know you. the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim. There appear to be no unique dialogue lines for Bretons. We need to wipe them out before things get worse. "You shouldn't leave weapons laying [sic] around. ", "That armor... it's like nothing I've ever seen. Let's hope that Erikur fares better than they did. "Alright now. 5 "A Nord's last thought should be of home." Companion, I am going to have to ask you and your friend to muzzle that dog, the howling from Jorvaskr is getting out of hand. I'm confiscating your stolen goods. So I only got this game yesterday, and I barely played it until now, so I'm only level three. ", "Take care if you go venturing too far from town. Skyrim Meme by ViannZhang on DeviantArt. but keep in mind, adventuing is your lifestyle, the only way you know how to make money aside from smithing, or selling stolen goods (or goods found while ADVENTURING?) Getting involved. 6. SoundBoard: Oblivion Guard Lines. So you what - fetch the mead? ", "Ah, steel plate. share | improve this answer | follow | answered Dec 21 '11 at 14:06. Makes me sick to my stomach. Just say the word.". You got stew for brains? Because the werewolves and vampires don't. ", "The Empire didn't think we could take the Reach, but here we are. Frantically, I thought if I dropped the item right away that would pacify him, and the guard wouldn't come, so that's what I did....as SOON as the item left my inventory, the guard was right there. The great evil has been vanquished! ", "You're that mage from the college, right? It's the end of the world I tell you. ", "This truce with the Stormcloaks won't last a fortnight. So which are you? Guards by Region []. ", "The Bannered Mare's got warm beds and cold mead. You smell like wet dog. ", "Dragons breathing fire in the sky. ", "The Gildergreen will bloom again. I went into the castle there and stole a bunch of things without getting caught. ", "I heard to Gourmet is hiding out somewhere in Skyrim. Right after the dragon died, the guard looked at me and said: "So you can cast a few spells. Guards are NPCs, usually found in towns and cities in Skyrim. You have truly saved us all! You went into the Emperor's Tower, just before... before his decoy was murdered...", "They're saying the Dark Brotherhood has been destroyed. By long tradition, the elder speaks first. It was... the Dark Brotherhood. someone in the desgine department didnt think that though when they put the order down. Head over to, "We got a nickname for anyone who trifles with us guards here in Windhelm - "Suicide." By the gods, man/woman, why? ", "Dawnstar is the last port of call before Solitude. Iron may be simple, but it'll stop enough to keep you in the fight. Courtesy of the Thieves Guild. ", "That armor... Are you one of the Emperor's protectors? Oct 27, 2017 - Finally I did it! ", "I need to ask you to stop. Best skyrim guard quotes thanks again for helping reopen the east empire company. ", "This city still reeks with the stench of the Stormcloaks. Might consider joining up myself. Skyrim could use more healers. ", "By Shor, is that... is that Azura's Star? ", "The Greybeards have summoned the Dragonborn to High Hrothgar. Why? Sir/Ma'am. The Thieves Guild is on the rise... and they've got a firm foothold here in Whiterun. Been tending your hounds? How do I stop Guards Attacking? And who among us could possibly hold that honor? Like forged midnight...", "Ugh. By the gods, what I wouldn't do for a set of that. ", "There are some that say the Dark Brotherhood is back, and stronger than ever. Well, guess what, guard? That blade looks sharp enough to cut through a god. "Go cast your fancy magic someplace else.". 2/12/2017. ", "That iron sword's pretty undependable. I'm with the Guild. “Yes, Dovahkiin? (Transforming into a werewolf or Vampire LordDG form), Recognized by a guard with a low bounty: Close. I am proof of their ignorance. I heard some of the other guards talking and they say that youre a member of the dark well never mind sir. ", "My cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? (Only available once you have joined the Thieves Guild). ", "Imagine, blowing up an entire town. You violated the law! ", "Aye, now that there's a beautiful sword. It is my honor to stand before you. Conjure me up a warm bed, would you? Guards Won't Stop Attacking Me - I Can't Yield. ", "Cause trouble in Whiterun, and I'll haul you into the Dragonsreach dungeon myself. Am I supposed to be impressed? "If anyone saw anything, step forward. That's the way the Thieves Guild likes it. "*, "Solitude is as glorious as they said it was.

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