- See 25 traveler reviews, 40 candid photos, and great deals for Seascale, UK, at Tripadvisor. Hills: Pike o’Blisco, Crinkle Crags Wainwrights: (hills listed in AW’s Lakeland Fells guides): Ditto Hewitts: (hills in England and Wales over 2000ft): Ditto Date: 16 October 2010 Weather: Just for once… glorious! Strong map and compass skills required. Take your time along the way, having worked hard to gain the altitude this is a walk with views to be savoured. Weather Forecast – Windy with Rain/Snow, gusting excess of Gale force. Seeing the Scafell As a circular walk it can be started from a variety of places along the route. Time - 4 hours 10 minutes. The views are beautiful, dramatic and exhilarating as you work your way along the five summits of the Crinkle Crags ridge. Starting in Langdale, it climbs up clockwise towards Crinkle Crags summit, traversing the several crinkles then coming back down via The Band. The Crinkle Crags can be a very confusing place in mist as the path does not follow a direct line. : Translator/editor hiker, ©2021 Visorando | Crinkle Crags 14. Grade - easy/mod. The time refers to a minimum time taken on the walk and does not take in to account stops for any reason such as photography, map reading or eating. As you descend the second crinkle, the main path skirts around the third one which is offset to the right. From here it is then a short walk to one of the most shapely summits in the whole of Lakeland. This approach avoids difficulties until some gentle scrambling through rocky chimneys near the top. Save it for a clear day. Bowfell lies in the heart of the Lake District and its pyramidal peak has one of the most extensive views of all the Lakeland fells. After the Tarn, there is a short stiff 200 metres ascent to the summit of Bowfell. Starting in Langdale, it climbs up clockwise towards Crinkle Crags summit, traversing the several crinkles then coming back down via The Band. A hike to four summits discovering a wide range of this part of the Nation Park Lake District. Bowfell (2960ft) and Crinkle Crags (2816ft) A day walking up to Bowfell and Crinkle Crags is a definitely worthy as a classic Lakeland walk. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of snow visible on the fell tops. Distance: 8 miles Total Ascent: 1005 metres Time Taken: 5 hours Start Time: 07:30. Crinkle Crags and Bowfell behind The Band. It felt more civilised today at its reduced capacity. The terrain becomes rocky, with steep gullies sweeping down the valley offering exceptional views of Great Langdale. Views don’t get much better than this. County/Area - Cumbria. Registered It’s hardly a smooth ride either, as your train clatters along the dips and bumps of the rickety track at what feels like warp speed. You can now leave Crinkle Crags by walking due north down to Three Tarns which are perched on a saddle connecting the crags to Bowfell. Hadrians Wall Day 1; Hadrians Wall Day 2; The route. Grade - mod/hard. But getting there means first losing height – something all hillwalkers prefer to avoid. -2 o C to +10 o C! Route Map & Profile Walk Grading. For something that looked so tame from the valley floor, the scene of volcanic rock and crags and gullies is an intimidating prospect. Start point: Cockley Beck (NY 246 017) Cockley Beck – Moasdale – Lingcove Beck – Three Tarns – Shelter Crags – Crinkle Crags – Little Stand – Ulpha Fell – Cockley Beck . Crinkle Crags. I sketched out a rough plan in my head. Wainwright describes the serrated skyline as “a succession of knobs and depressions, appearing trivial at a distance but revealed at close range as steep rock buttresses and scree gullies above wild and arid slopes, the whole scene of rugged grandeur”. Then an ascent along the pleasant Stickle Gill to Stickle tarn followed by the ascent to Blea Rigg and a return to Chapel Stile along the ridge. The GPS track and description are the property of the author. There are very few signs but the pathway is straightforward as there aren't many crossings. Challenge events are normally between 20 and 100 miles and must generally be completed within a defined time limit. You then pass an unmistakable feature known as Great Slab. Crinkle Crags is a fell that keeps on giving, with not one but five summits to enjoy as you rise and fall across the undulating terrain, all the while admiring the rugged beauty of the surrounding peaks in this once explosive volcanic area of the Lakes. Tamtraductions Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell. Even though Pike O’ Blisco isn’t the main objective for the day, you’ll be glad you came, with views across the patchwork quilt of the fields in the Great Langdale valley leading your gaze towards the Langdale Pikes. More dips and bumps as your rollercoaster ride continues. The scrambling then begins as you head up between Crinkle Crags and Bowfell. This is the Bad Step. Heading up alongside Browney Gill to Red Tarn and then following the well defined path to and along the tops of the five Crinkle Crags. Hi, I’m Andy. This is a low level lakeland walk suitable for a short day. Navigation: Crinkle Crags can be confusing in mist. Wainwrights - Crinkle Crags County/Area - Cumbria. The path climbs as you zigzag across the flanks of Side Pike, until rejoining the road leading to the picturesque Blea Tarn. Allow 6 ½ hours walking. The walk involves leaving Great Langdale and walking south west into neighbouring Oxendale before climbing besides Browney Gill to round Great Knott and then onto the Crinkle Crags. Heading straight on over the footbridge is the direct route which is over an intermittent path and terminates between Gunson Knott & Shelter Crags. Standing at the foot of the Bad Step, it does initially seem impossible to climb. And I soon stumbled across several hikers stirring from their bivi bags, the air thick with the scent of morning coffees brewing. At the top of Crinkle Crags. While there’s an alternative path to the summit around to the left, it’s certainly possible for an adventurous walker to scale the obstacle. Starting near the Old Dungeon Ghyll you go through Stool End Farm before taking a left into Oxendale. Author - Lou Johnson. During the climb take time to view the amazing geology of the Great Slab. And then, whoosh! After a brief pause at Red Tarn, there’s a good path rising towards your next objective, with views of all five crinkles lined up neatly like soldiers. Technical sheet . Warning – do not adjust your computer screen. It forms part of two major rings of mountains, surrounding the valleys of Great Langdale and Upper Eskdale. During the climb take time to view the amazing geology of the Great Slab. You don’t go backwards or wear virtual reality goggles. Ascent - 2850 feet / 864 metres . Old Dungeon Ghyll – Oxendale – Red Tarn – Crinkle Crags – Shelter Crags – Three Tarns – Bowfell – Climbers Traverse – The Band – Old Dungeon Ghyll. Get back to the car park using the same trail as when you started. Crinkle Crags from Pike O’ Blisco. Calculated time is computed with the distance, the height difference, and an average speed of 2.2 mph. Pike O'Blisco and Crinkle Crags. With the weather set to be a scorcher, I opted for one of my trademark early starts. As I scoped out the landscape, I solved the mystery of where the owners of the vehicles in the valley were hiding. These are ordered below with the most popular ones first. The National Park has multiple tourist sites. Follow the link to TWE’s route of Crinkle Crags, Bowfell & Esk Pike The route is explained in detail with added pictures and OS map references. Once the summit is reached some less familiar territory is included in the route before the return leg to the starting point point is along the Mickelden Valley. The walking and route finding are easy, the views are good and there are places on the way to buy refreshments. Wainwright’s Favourite Walks – Crinkle Crags, Wainwright’s Favourite Walks: The Fairfield Horseshoe, Wainwright’s Favourite Walks – The High Stile Range. There are also good views of the Langdale Pikes - in fact everywhere! I’ve done this walk before but not for some time. 15 C. The weather looked promising early on, but alas it was not to be. But start contouring to the right around the spur in front of you, and you’ll find the makings of a way across the hillside to meet the main track rising alongside Redacre Gill. On reaching the summit, a strong breeze whipped up the slopes from the neighbouring valley. After the steepest part of the descent, take care in crossing the stream before the going becomes more leisurely along the river towards Stool End Farm. Take time and explore the Crinkles. Especially impressive is the sight of Scafell Pike. Superb fell walking on a superb ridge. The walk takes in the Langdale and Little Langdale Valleys, explores a disused slate quarry and passes a working slate quarry. Distance: 8 miles Total Ascent: 1005 metres Time Taken: 5 hours Start Time: 07:30. The Scafells from Crinkle Crags 18. The footbridge partly hidden by the trees provides the walker with a couple of more options in which to ascend Crinkle Crags. This is a biggie. The walk takes you through the ideally-located National Trust campsite. I started at the Stickle Ghyll car park, mostly because it’s National Trust so I park for free. The Bad Step is definitely best saved for heading north. Your eye sketches out the path until it appears to culminate at a huge wall of rock. Red Tarn from the path which at the time of this walk was being repaired by a Fix the Fells team: Looking down to Browney Gill and the path below Black Wars : Crinkle Crags from the the path behind Great Knott. It’s a classic wooden attraction which has been thrilling riders for almost 100 years. Sat 5th Aug 2017. Starting point: Old Dungeon Gill Hotel (286 061) Car park next to the hotel – turn right from the car park and … Weather: Cold, snow. You can never have too much of Great Langdale. Crinkle Crags and Bowfell is one of my favourite 25 walks in the Lake District. Starting the walk in this way keeps you off the tarmac for longer but it does mean wading through chest-high bracken; guaranteed to get you hot and sticky on a humid day. For an intermediate walker, this time includes small breaks. The walk out through Oxendale was glorious, the climb up to Cold Pike was a good wake up and blew the cobwebs away, from here to Crinkle crags is an easier walk with some good rocky crags to climb over and an interesting summit to explore. The walking and route finding are easy, the views are good and there are places on the way to buy refreshments. Crinkle Crags is a fine and rugged mountain with a distinctive profile as seen from Great Langdale. Then whoosh – you’re negotiating huge boulders before a brief period of respite again across flat ground. Over a series of peaks and troughs until you find yourself back at the start – smile on your face and ready for the next one. Nature’s fan. Time - 6 hours 20 minutes. I felt it time for another wildcamp, and hopefully a good walk the next day. The walk offers superb walking and great views and should be completed in fine weather to fully appreciate the scenery. Contact us. The ridge is rough and in places it is easy to leave the path whether deliberately or less so. But the consolation is fantastic views of the best aspect of the Langdale Pikes across the valley. Stick with it, and you’ll soon meet the reassuring pitched path which climbs steeply towards the pyramid of Pike O’ Blisco. Aim – Crinkle Crags and Bowfell. And I think Crinkle Crags and Bowfell Summit are two of my favourite views. This Lake District walk from Great Langdale ascends the Crinkle Crags via Red Tarn. Allow 6 ½ hours walking. I started at the Stickle Ghyll car park, mostly because… Skiddaw sits neatly in the gap to the left of Pike O’ Stickle. Walk c414 Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell (Bowfell) from The Old Dungeon Ghyll, Great Langdale. Yet a crossing of this amazing piece of natural architecture is easily within the capabilities of any reasonably fit walker. Time - 6 hours 20 minutes. This is a great circular walk in arguably the best part of the lakes. The Hotel car parking is available for non Hotel users but you will need to purchase a parking ticket from a machine. Crinkle Crags & Bowfell. So I’ve unfortunately come to associate it with feeling groggy and irritable! Nat Park - Lake District - Lake District Southern Fells. A lovely walk taking in the excellent and interesting Crinkle Crags and with great views down Great Langdale, over to the Scafell group and south down the Duddon Valley. A dark cloud hung ominously over the Irish Sea and threatened to engulf the Scafell range but burnt off as it approached. To make the walk even more memorable you can include an ascent of nearby Bowfell, a majestic mountain at the head of Great Langdale and one of England's highest. 0:06:27: 0:06:31: Yes, the Bad Step, it's almost like the Hillary Step on Everest, but in miniature. Length - 7.0 miles / 11.4 km. The path climbs as you zigzag across the flanks of Side Pike, until rejoining the road leading to the picturesque Blea Tarn. Grade - hard. 15ml. Keep to the right until the trail splits into two paths. One minute you’re following a clear path. Pike O'Blisco Walk Detail: Thankfully, and unlike the previous week, the weather forecasters didn’t get it wrong again and it was a bright, clear, sunny day. Length - 7.0 miles / 11.4 km. As a circular walk it can be started from a variety of places along the route. The first crinkle whets your appetite for the remaining four.

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