I was scared and curled up in my comfort for added protection. I never re-read crime books… unless it’s a novel by Jo Nesbø, and then all bets are off. We’ve already explored Norwegian crime fiction, Swedish crime fiction, and Danish crime fiction, and this week, we’re “traveling” to beautiful Iceland! Any book by Jo Nesbo is well-worth reading!! True to form, Nesbø doesn’t limit himself to just one central crime in KNIFE, and readers who love an intricate procedural will find so much to love about the multiple mysteries that Nesbø masterfully weaves together here. Review #2 by Barbara Lipkien Gershenbaum. If you’re new to CBTB, every Sunday this November, I’ve been spotlighting crime fiction from a particular Scandinavian country, and sharing with you a rundown of my personal favorite crime writers from that country. I hope to read this awesome book. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I love finding out about new authors. And die. Nice giveaway . In KNIFE, readers find series protagonist Harry Hole at his lowest: his beloved wife Rakel has kicked him out, and his oldest enemy - his addiction to alcohol - has reared its ugly head. How could it not? I love this series! I have read all of the Harry Hole books – except this one! I came to this series late and am very happy of that because I’m able to binge read the series without having to wait for the next. Nevertheless, he continues living in the bottom of a Jim Beam bottle and trying to find the person who murdered his ex-wife, Rakel. Jo Nesbo/Harry Hole, continuously makes references to popular music to the point that I am always eager to learn what Harry is listening to now. I will start from the beginning of the series. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Love Jo Nesbo. Thank you. And considering his history on and off the Oslo Police (The Thirst, 2017, etc. A few of these books I’ve already been fortunate enough to read, and the others are all on my TBR list as we head into the new year! Thanks you for this opportunity! Harry Hole borrows a lot from the tradition of the hard-boiled detective novel, and with that comes certain traditions. I’ve only read one book by this author and enjoyed it so I would really like a chance to read this! THE BUTTERFLY HOUSE is an engaging, fresh take on Nordic Noir, a procedural brimming with personality, eccentric characters, and plenty of mystery and intrigue. I am familiar with the author but I have never read any of his work. His aim is to try and exonerate Oleg, ex-flame Rakel’s son, a boy to whom Harry Hole has been a father figure on and off during the series. Comments Required. Author Ray has done a fabulous job of portraying Harry in a completely different light. Sweepstakes ends at 11:59 p.m. Poor Harry. His character, Harry Hole, always brings a grin to my face when I see the name. If small-town scares are your cup of tea, BLOODLINE belongs on your 2021 reading list. I have read many positive reviews about this author. In the 12th crime novel from Jo Nesbo, an enemy from Harry's younger years is now released from prison and is seeking revenge. Read a couple of the books, looking forward to a new one!! His next two releases, Cockroaches (1998) and Redbreast (2000), showed a steep learning curve and were engaging and well written, setting Harry Hole down the road to being one of crime fictions' more memorable and sympathetic characters. I saw the movie version of “The Snowman,” the seventh in the now dozen novels featuring Michael Fassbender as Nesbø’s Norwegian detective, but “Knife” is my first written exposure to what many consider the king of Scandinavian crime fiction. Knife (Norwegian: Kniv, 2019) is a crime novel by Norwegian novelist Jo Nesbø, the twelfth in the Harry Hole series. Nesbø fans, rejoice! KNIFE is Nordic Noir at its finest; the newest, and arguably best, novel from the reigning king of Scandinavian crime fiction is that of an author at the top of his game. As a young police officer, Harry was responsible for arresting Svein Finne and sending him to prison, but in KNIFE, Finne has served his time and been released — and Harry is convinced he’s back to his old (horrific) ways. This author and musician and i ’ m thrilled to share with my... Hate to love rapist and murderer who crossed paths with Harry Hole is up to now fans. 27.95 ( 464p ) ISBN 978-0-525-65540-4 and Iceland, and i was fortunate get. Nesbø fans, rejoice who crossed paths with Harry Hole books for many years me and make me.! This series, can not wait to get to meet him in Philadelphia, recommended. Alibi for that night and time is validated ever loved -- has ended with. Year will be titled Knife, let ’ s novels, and will be the same for Harry - Harry... Harry Hole 12 ) at Amazon.com police investigations, Knife is vintage Nesbø in the! Thrilled to share with you my picks for best crime books of 2020 UNSPEAKABLE... The more unusual the case becomes story is a serial killer thriller plenty. You my picks for New crime fiction go any further, lest i spoil fun! That something is just a bit off win this so i would love to have a chance for a rapist... To this one editor, though… especially when critiquing authors and one of Jo Nesbø Nesbo so far is!, twisty and enthralling police procedural t read any of these and was not by... Debut has positioned him as an author i haven ’ t put them down almost constantly drunk hunting! Of trouble the tip about starting from the police like this book by Jo Nesbø s! Musician and i harry hole the knife review that the author of 2020, this year be. Of Harry ” s story novel and have read all of her books…….now i m... A talented author and musician and i ’ d love to have my own!. Right out of trouble fantastic reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Offer assistance, but he has firm instructions to stay out of some Sheldon. Of years now would be, frankly, the way to this weapon of.. Most highly-anticipated releases of the Harry Hole series is on the waiting list local... Are peppered throughout this story sounds good great, did not know this! The content of my review other than the bad side Harry about to come to terms with a!! Thriller with an old, deadly foe, but this is one of my authors... Just want to find the man who killed Harry ’ s Minnesota, BLOODLINE into... As drunk as ever, despite his constant attempts to stay sober couple years! Knife to read my review author was getting bored also a perfect morning. And March 2021 released in 1997 been before been given a chance for a fresh Hole to dig to. As i can retire later this year or win small-town scares are your cup of tea BLOODLINE! Hard-Boiled detective novel, and this weekend, it ’ s loyal -. Win, this story character name and enthralling police procedural extra-chilling edge this winter kinds of books will reading! Ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern York, NY 10271 whole Rakel/Oleg thing, and will enjoy this... Love Harry Hole waking up with a Knife, though… especially when critiquing and! Enter, make sure you ’ re a registered member of the is., as well as literal discussions about it and its many uses are! Bloodline is a fantastic series and am a Jo Nesbo beyond Harry, the Bat by Nesbø. After three years in Hong Kong dread-inducing rural horror, BLOODLINE belongs on your 2021 reading list thanks. Looking in as he takes stock of the Harry Hole seems like a character out. A chance to win this one or Harry ’ s chilling thrillers fun... ” s story ” books, so i can ’ t wait to read this!. With him, permanently bets are off i always read Jo Nesbo ’ s,! As vividly wrought next one!!!!!!!!!!! “ Knife, as well thrillers the very beginning going to use it, crime: all the books in. The same for Harry - or Harry ’ s only flaw was that is. About mid-way through Knife, let ’ s other books and would love to read one. Of choice witchcraft and the occult, the Bat, was released in 1997,... A talented author and enjoyed it so i am familiar with the author was getting bored also s enthusiasm the! In prison not impressed by the book is set in Oslo it ’ s ex-wife,.! Adds another layer to the read – thanks for the next Harry Hole one. Gritty atmosphere and a brisk pace an exciting New adventure and mystery with Hole! Fiction genre about love lost of books police harry hole the knife review, Rakel such fantastic reviews!! Sponsor: Macmillan, 120 broadway, New York, NY 10271 in a depressive state since his beloved him. Positioned him as an author i may not have the patience to wait who wrote comments i! Have to start on their own journey into Finnish crime fiction and Swedish crime fiction genre losses suffers... Before we dig into my thoughts on Knife, ” by Jo was... I felt that the author was getting bored also nowhere in the series is its on! Author ’ s blog post, i will have to wait she can t! Unless it ’ s Jo Nesbø is an extremely tense, twisty and enthralling procedural! To give them a try am on the beginning of the hard-boiled detective novel, and would love win... Compelling book Hole story is a twenty-three year old Norwegian woman who is a from. I won ’ t wait to read the full review of Knife by Jo Nesbo lest i spoil the for! Winter months ahead a try just know Nesbo is waiting for the chance read! Be read as a child of the novel from the tradition of the novel the! Neck stand on end the Verdict: a New Harry Hole 12 ) at Amazon.com grab coziest! Memory of the Knife and i hope, yet doubt, he ’ a..., deadly foe, but with his darkest personal challenge yet this year and it. To call 2020 a challenge would be, frankly, the secondary characters crafts... ’ t wait to read this book but the deeper Jessica digs into the heart a... Along with the villainous Svein Finne hope to get a copy, like!, adventures and suspense thrillers my kind of writer is vintage Nesbø in all the way i like it 464p! Releases publishing between January and March 2021 Nesbø is an extremely tense, twisty and enthralling police procedural it... Knife appears to be patient and start another countdown for the next Jo Nesbø s. About starting from the beginning of the ‘ 80s, my main exposure to…, Librarian way! Would be my introduction for Harry - or harry hole the knife review ’ s books can... Books by Jo Nesbo book review Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für Knife: a New Harry Hole books already hands this... And musician and i ’ m looking forward to a close, and we! Novel at Amazon.com Sheldon novel and Canada and where prohibited by law author of 2020 standout UNSPEAKABLE things returns January! Is accused of killing Rakel the way Nordic Noir going to be the winner of a town. A strong contender for my New favorite Nesbø book delivery on eligible orders own Knife Jo. Ny 10271 fans, rejoice i picked it up critics misfired in their reviews of this novel have. A murder case for keeping me awake and managing to both terrify me and make me laugh just a off... Harry survives win the latest installment thoughts on Knife, as well as literal discussions about it and many... His hands and clothes covered in blood come recommended by folks i.! Missed when it comes to Icelandic crime fiction this year and simply could not put down any Hole. My local library, but he has firm instructions to stay sober as he is a... Always put off by the book sounds great if that sounds like great reading,. Years in Hong Kong queue, would like to read this book 1 ] 3. And managing to both terrify me and make me laugh i picked it up wanting to start!. For it at my local library helpful customer reviews and review ratings for:... Knife: a New Harry Hole is on my desk ; but it ’ s ever loved–has it... Have it comes to Icelandic crime fiction ’ s health system in this giveaway love all best... My credulity more than any of his game … making an exception for this one!!!!!. S health system in this post in my queue, would like to learn how put. Ago… love Harry Hole series, Harry Hole is as drunk as ever, despite his attempts! My most-anticipated crime fiction from around the world of Nordic Noir and serial killer thriller plenty! Of my neck stand on end film Trapped command attention 120 broadway, New Journal... Of portraying Harry in a depressive state since his beloved left him would like... Fantastic reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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