Among the state's most notable hot springs are those at Phurchachu, Yumthang, Borang, Ralang, Taram-chu and Yumey Samdong. Sikkim is one of the few states in India to receive regular snowfall. The palace attempted to defuse the movement by appointing three secretaries from the SSC to the government and sponsoring a counter-movement in the name of Sikkim National Party, which opposed accession to India. km. In Sikkim, agriculture is the main occupation of the inhabitants. Sikkim is blessed by a fertile land that largely supports agriculture. [112] In 2005, 73.2 per cent of Sikkim's households were reported to have access to safe drinking water,[109] and the state's large number of mountain streams assures a sufficient water supply. The closest major railway stations are Siliguri Junction and New Jalpaiguri in neighbouring West Bengal. Alpine-type vegetation is typically found between an altitude of 3,500 to 5,000 metres (11,500 to 16,400 ft). Test your knowledge with this quiz. Since this state is a part of China’s border area, there are various regions where entry is forbidden for foreigners. If you are interested in writing a housing report please contact the WHE Editorial Board. More than two-fifths of Sikkim is forested. Photo not … [65][66] The current Governor of Sikkim is Ganga Prasad. Since that time, several small-scale industries have developed. [67], Sikkim has four districts – East Sikkim, North Sikkim, South Sikkim and West Sikkim. There are a few large hydroelectric stations and many smaller plants that provide energy to Gangtok, Rangpo, Singtam, and Mangan. The summit of Kangchenjunga, the world's third-highest peak, is the state's highest point, situated on the border between Sikkim and Nepal. It was during this period that the largest migration of Nepalese to Sikkim began. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The state is divided into a handful of districts. India prepared a constitution for Sikkim that was approved by its national assembly in 1974. [13][14][15][12], In recent years, the government of Sikkim has extensively promoted tourism. The treaty established Sikkim as a princely state under British paramountcy (though leaving the issue of sovereignty undefined), and the British were given rights of free trade and of road making through Sikkim to Tibet. [31][63][64] However, the 2019 legislative assembly elections were won by the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party and the chief minister since then is Prem Singh Tamang. Sikkim has 75 Buddhist monasteries, the oldest dating back to the 1700s. [10] The state's economy is largely agrarian based on the terraced farming of rice and the cultivation of crops such as maize, millet, wheat, barley, oranges, tea, and cardamom. Vide Notification No.7 (17)/Home dated 28th July1990, the Local Self Government was renamed as Urban Development and Housing Department. North Eastern Region Urban Development Programme -NERUDP. [40][unreliable source?] ", Indian Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, "Four New Strategies to Grow the Organic Agriculture Sector", "Sikkim becomes India's first organic state", "Ban on styrofoam products and on use of mineral water bottles in government functions and meetings in Sikkim", "How Sikkim became the cleanest state in India", "Welcome to Sikkim – General Information", Rose, Modernizing a Traditional Administrative System 1978, Duff, Sikkim: Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom 2015, "Nehru accepted Tibet as a part of China: Rajnath", "China backs India's bid for U.N. Council seat", "Himalayan quake toll climbs to 116, 40 stranded foreign tourists rescued", "Earthquake toll over 80; India 68; as rescue teams reach quake epicentre", "First commission on study of glaciers launched by Sikkim", "Judge strengths in High Courts increased", "Sikkim Assembly election results 2019: Full list of winners", "Sikkim Assembly Elections 2019: All You Need to Know", "In Gangtok, Ganga Prasad takes oath as new Governor of Sikkim, replaces Shriniwas Patil", "Information of Foreign Tourist Interest", "Integrating ethnobiological knowledge into biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Himalayas", "Evaluating high-altitude Ramsar wetlands in the Sikkim Eastern Himalayas", "State Animals, Birds, Trees and Flowers of India", "Indian online gambling market set to open up", "India China border trade at Nathu La closed for this year", "Sikkim's Pakyong airport stuns before it flies", "Sikkim's first airport to be ready by 2014", "First commercial flight lands at Pakyong", "Patel word on speedy airport completion—Sikkim hopes for spurt in tourist inflow", "Finally, Sevoke-Rangpo railway link on track", Indian Railways new Sivok-Rangpo rail project: Travel from West Bengal to Sikkim in just 2 hours, Very soon, travelling to Sikkim by train will be a possibility, "Sikkim becomes first state to achieve 100 percent sanitation", "Census of India Website : Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India", "State-wise: Population, GSDP, Per Capita Income and Growth Rate", "Statement 1: Abstract of speakers' strength of languages and mother tongues - 2011", "Census of India – Religious Composition", "C-1 Population By Religious Community – Sikkim", "Sleepy capital comes alive to beats of GenX", "In the process of Constitutional democracy, Sikkim has not lagged behind-Governor", "Hon'ble Governor of Sikkim inaugurated "PARAM Kanchenjunga" at NIT Sikkim". Foreign Trade Pattern of Nepal: Gravity Model Approach Modeling Indian Wheat and Rice Sector Policies Comparative analysis of transplanted and dibbled method of redgram cultivation in Bidar district of Karnataka Raising agricultural productivity with reduced use of energy and groundwater The capital of Gangtok is nearly 75 miles (120 km) from the nearest airport, at Baghdogra, and 70 miles (110 km) from the railhead at Shiliguri, both in West Bengal. Copper, lead, and zinc are mined in Sikkim. The construction work assigned to the Buildings & Housing Department, Government of Sikkim has already commenced. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. 2. GATE Architecture & Planning Engineering Exam Pattern. Delhi.ppt 1. (2011) 607,688. About Sikkim. Below is a list of few developing countries and their spending pattern on Housing. and ablation pattern in Sikkim as compared to the Western Himalayas. Yes The implementing agency for urban transport & drainage sector is the Urban Development & Housing Department, water and sewerage sector is the Water Security & … Date of sanction of the project : 9 th Dec 2014 Considering the gradual decline in the interest level of young students to pursue careers in the field of S & T in the country, there is a pressing need to strengthen STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) education by creating additional infrastructure for hands-on and engaging activities, especially in non-formal mode of education. About . The final court in the judiciary system is the High Court at Gangtok, from which appeals may be made to the Supreme Court of India. Nearly 81 per cent of the area of Sikkim comes under the administration of its forest department. Little is known of Sikkim’s history prior to the 17th century. [10][11], Sikkim accounts for the largest share of cardamom production in India, and is the world's second largest producer of the spice after Guatemala. [87][88] The Playwin lottery has been a notable success in the state. The support for the process of preparation of the SAPCCC was provided by the German International Cooperation (GIZ). [36] A standstill agreement was signed in February 1948. Dwellings on the Himalayan slopes at Lachung, Sikkim, India. [39] In other respects, Sikkim retained administrative autonomy. In 1890 an agreement was concluded between the British and the Tibetans that defined the border between Sikkim and Tibet. Exactly 60km from siliguri for better convenience. However, the traditional house building in Sikkim may be mentioned here. Sikkim is also close to India's Siliguri Corridor near Bangladesh.Sikkim is the least populous and second smallest among the Indian states. Nepali is the lingua franca of Sikkim, while Sikkimese (Bhutia) and Lepcha are spoken in certain areas. The Bhutia began entering the area from Tibet in the 14th century. In the last of these elections, two rival parties merged to form the Sikkim Congress, which swept the polls. Typical house in Mangan, Sikkim state, India. The Noble Dendrobium is the official flower of Sikkim, while the rhododendron is the state tree. In a special referendum held in 1975, more than 97 percent of the electorate voted for the merger of Sikkim with India. Posted on 23rd Dec, 2020 by Owner. In Sikkim, agriculture is the main occupation of the inhabitants. [73] [7]. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Sikkim is one of the world’s principal producers of cardamom. [54] In north-western Sikkim, the peaks are frozen year-round;[60] because of the high altitude, temperatures in the mountains can drop to as low as −40 °C (−40 °F) in winter. [80], Sikkim's nominal state gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated at US$1.57 billion in 2014 constituting the third-smallest GDP among India's 28 states. Round the year, Sikkim welcomes various tourists from different regions of India as well as the world. Sikkim is blessed by a fertile land that largely supports agriculture. Momos – steamed dumplings filled with vegetables, beef or pork and served with soup – are a popular snack. Sikkim receives most of its electricity from 19 hydroelectric power stations. Sikkim’s cultural life, though showing strong Tibetan influences, retains a character derived from the various tribes of Sikkim and their pre-Buddhist customs. Sikkim’s economy is based predominantly on agriculture, with the sector engaging more than half of the working population. The district capitals are Gangtok, Mangan, Namchi and Gyalshing respectively. Roughly three-fourths of Sikkim’s residents are Nepalese in origin; most speak a Nepali (Gorkhali) dialect and are Hindu in religion and culture. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Before October 2018, the closest operational airport to Sikkim was Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri in northern West Bengal. [73] Some of the most understudied species are Sikkimese arthropods, specifically butterflies. In 1816 these territories were restored to Sikkim by the British in return for its support during the Anglo-Nepalese War (1814–16), but by 1817 Sikkim had become a de facto protectorate of Britain. 3. Owing to its altitudinal gradation, the state has a wide variety of plants, from tropical species to temperate, alpine and tundra ones, and is perhaps one of the few regions to exhibit such a diversity within such a small area. The Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal asked India for help in quelling the movement, which was offered in the form of a small military police force and an Indian Dewan. Hide. Sikkim is also known for housing the largest area of Cardamom field within the territory. Constitution of the Board. [50] For the most part, the land is unfit for agriculture because of the rocky, precipitous slopes. Swachh Bharat Mission. PMAY, also referred to as the ‘Housing for All by 2022’ scheme, is being implemented in seven mission towns in Sikkim namely Gangtok, Mangan, Singtam, … The GMC was abolished under the Sikkim (Repeal and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1985and its power and functions were reverted to Local Self Government. As of 2014[update], the state had the third-smallest GDP among Indian states,[10] although it is also among the fastest-growing. Users can get detailed information related to housing projects, programmes, and other activities of the Department. Delhi is the capital of India. [132], Sikkimese Muslims celebrate Eid ul-Fitr and Muharram. Sikkim has a rich and varied animal life, including black bears, brown bears, red pandas, numerous species of deer, blue sheep, gorals (small goatlike mammals), and Tibetan antelope. The state’s name is derived from the Limbu words su him, meaning “new house.” The Lepcha were early inhabitants of the region, apparently assimilating the Naong, Chang, Mon, and other tribes. Noble orchid (top) is Sikkim's state flower. The state government has already completed the construction of about 80,000 homes in the financial year 2015-16 under the 2BHK housing scheme. A month later, the 36th Amendment repealed the 35th Amendment, and made Sikkim a full state, adding its name to the First Schedule of the Constitution. Ropeways, which are similar to ski lifts, also have been provided at many points. When the situation got out of control, the chogyal asked the government of India to take over the administration. [69], Each of Sikkim's districts is overseen by a state government appointee, the district collector, who is in charge of the administration of the civilian areas of the district. Sikkim is the least populous and second smallest among the Indian states. A branch of the highway from Melli connects western Sikkim. [102] The five-station line is intended to support both economic development and Indian Army operations and was initially planned to be completed by 2015,[103][104] though as of 2013 its construction has met with delays. Within each district, local headmen serve as liaisons between the people and the district administration. A British political officer was subsequently appointed to assist the chogyal in the administration of Sikkim’s domestic and foreign affairs, in effect becoming the virtual ruler of the state. Study area Gangtok is the capital and largest city in the state of Sikkim. With an authorized capital of Rs 2,500 crore, as on date HUDCO has a … However, some hill slopes have been converted into terrace farms. He was not only mentioning the housing pattern alone but also the materials used for constructing that type of houses. The Namgyal dynasty ruled Sikkim until 1975.

Sikkim, one of the smallest state of the country with a total geographical of areas of 7096 km also harbors some such sacred areas with religious and/or historical background.  There area sacred groves reported in all part of the state.  All the sacred groves are attached to the local monasteries (Gumpas), dedicated to the deities and managed by the Gumpa authority or Lamas, or often But keeping in mind the various model limitations, there is a need for multiple climate scenarios and vegetation model-based assessment of climate change impacts at decentralised levels. LIC that is called Life Insurance Corporation conducts examinations in Housing Finance Limited (HFL) to recruit for the vacant positions of the administrative team of the Corporation. It is important to be aware of all the information related to the exam such as the mode and type of the exam, types of questions that will be asked and what is the marking system used. Forbes, Andrew; Henley, David (2011). [84] Despite the state's minimal industrial infrastructure, Sikkim's economy has been among the fastest-growing in India since 2000; the state's GDP expanded by 89.93 percent in 2010 alone. The governor is aided by the state Council of Ministers, which is led by a chief minister. Satellite television channels through dish antennae are available in most homes in the state. In Gangtok, temperatures in January (the coldest month) drop into the low 30s F (about 0 °C); in August (the warmest month), temperatures may reach the low 80s F (about 28 °C). 2. With around 98,000 inhabitants as of 2011, the capital Gangtok is the most significant urban area in the mostly rural state; in 2005, the urban population in Sikkim constituted around 11.06 per cent of the total. HRIDAY. Traditional local festivals, such as Maghe Sankranti, Sakela, Chasok Tangnam and Bhimsen Puja, are popular. Agriculture in Sikkim seems to be the basis of the socio-cultural pattern of the territory. All of the housing reports in this database have been contributed by volunteers. Himalayan Journals: notes of a naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, the Khasia mountains etc. The investigation is entire Gangtok area, in East Sikkim and total area is 30.25 sq. During the Losar (Tibetan New Year), most offices and educational institutions are closed for a week. Many monasteries are repositories of wall paintings, thang-kas (religious paintings mounted on brocade), bronze images, and other artworks. The pastoral yak rearing system in Sikkim in the eastern Himalayas is changing to cope with climatic changes that have led to snowfall getting thinner in the last 15 years, researchers have said. Sikkim University began operating in 2008 at Yangang, which is situated about 28 kilometres (17 mi) from Singtam. Thereafter, a referendum was held in which 97.5 per cent of voters supported abolishing the monarchy, effectively approving union with India. [119], The majority of Sikkim's residents are of Nepali ethnic origin. Little is presently known about the music of Nepal, Bhutan, and. Actually, in Sikkim, we do not have a proper norm to suggest a housing pattern, suitable to our fragile soil condition." teeming with biodiversity, housing nearly half of the nation's bird diversity, wild trees, orchid and Rhododendron wealth, one third of the country's flowering plants, no wonder as many as 165 plants have been named after Sikkim. The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology (1958), in Gangtok, has one of the largest collections of Tibetan books in the world. Study area Gangtok is the capital and largest city in the state of Sikkim. [34], Prior to Indian independence, Jawaharlal Nehru, as the Vice President of the Executive Council, pushed through a resolution in the Indian Constituent Assembly to the effect that Sikkim and Bhutan, as Himalayan states, were not 'Indian states' and their future should be negotiated separately. Government have announced to fill all vacant positions in Buildings & Housing Department Sikkim Department which is gift for jobseekers in 2020, who can find more than Vacancy in different department of Buildings & Housing Department Sikkim Recruitment boards. The great majority of Sikkim’s population is rural, living in scattered hamlets and villages. [27], Following the beginning of British rule in neighbouring India, Sikkim allied with Britain against their common adversary, Nepal. Chinese officials were in a quandary on this issue, as any protests to India would mean an explicit endorsement of India's governance of Sikkim, which China still recognised as an independent state occupied by India. In April of that year, the Indian Army took over the city of Gangtok and disarmed the Chogyal's palace guards. The topography and the climatic condition of Sikkim is favorable for agriculture at Sikkim. In Sikkim, agriculture is the main occupation of the inhabitants. [23] The Buddhist saint Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, is said to have passed through the land in the 8th century. According to the Constitution of India, Sikkim has a parliamentary system of representative democracy for its governance; universal suffrage is granted to state residents. [133] Christmas has been promoted in Gangtok to attract tourists during the off-season. SIKKIM SAPCC – DRAFT REPORT Page 4 private sector (see Annexure 2 for the list of members). Sikkim has several hospitals and, in each district, at least one community health centre. The Sikkim Climate Inventory Monitoring System (SCIMS) is … [1] Sikkim is also one of the least densely populated Indian states, with only 86 persons per square kilometre. Some two-thirds of Sikkim consists of perpetually snow-covered mountains, dominated by the Kanchenjunga massif. (17) "year1 means the year commencing on the 1st day 'of - 'April and' 'ending on the 31st day of March. Other major peaks—all above 23,000 feet (7,000 metres)—include Tent, Kabru, and Pauhunri. less: READY TO MOVE. 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Land enough to carry on projects such as schools or home stay and many more as per your requirement. When the kingdom of Sikkim was established in 1642, Phuntsog Namgyal, the first chogyal (temporal and spiritual king), came from the Bhutia community. The Lepcha people, the original inhabitants of Sikkim, called it Nye-mae-el, meaning "paradise". Omissions? This page was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 05:12. [70], Sikkim is situated in an ecological hotspot of the lower Himalayas, one of only three among the ecoregions of India. It became a princely state of British India in 1890. During the monsoon, heavy rains increase the risk of landslides. Twenty-seven years later Assam was rattled by a massive earthquake in 1897 in which all the modern structures constructed by the British were damaged or destroyed. Sikkim exhibits a variety of climatic types, from almost tropical conditions in the south to severe mountain climates in the north.

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